A range of easily accessible testing services

Green Coral Tech offers a range of diagnostic services for the rapid detection of fungal pathogens, mycotoxins and other important contaminants. Typically results are available in 3-5 days with quantitative and qualitative options available.

Other testing services, including GMO (genetically modified organisms) analysis are also available, details on request.

Contact Green Coral Tech for advice on sampling, additional services and levels of sensitivity available.


The Green Coral Tech business concept is to solve efficiency problems for customers in their analysis of contaminants, performed using their regular quality assurance systems.

The major problems associated with traditional analysis methods are that they are labour-intensive and slow. This means that the analysis costs are high and that the lead time for the products in manufacturing, due to slow quality assurance, is longer, thus leading to high capital costs. These problems provide the stimulus for the development of new approaches and alternative techniques.

Green Coral Tech presence helps us to understand specific needs and problems in diagnostics in different markets. This makes us an invaluable partner when it comes to choosing and implementing rapid, time-saving, quality control of products.

Green Coral Tech can assist you in conforming to current hygiene and safety regulations and standards, providing you with the necessary accreditation.

Our consulting services include:
  • Laboratory workflow analysis

  • Method selection

  • Method verification

  • Automation
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