R-BIOPHARM - Food & Feed Analysis
GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Risk Material/ Species Identification

International trade in food has increased substantially although in its wake alarming reports have emerged about food poisoning and prions as well as apprehension regarding genetically-modified foods.

Increasingly powerful and vociferous consumer groups are making more and more demands regarding food safety. Until recently, however, producers and importers have had rather cumbersome tools at their disposal to guarantee food quality.

Green Coral Tech’s mission is to provide quality control laboratories in the food industry with the means of utilising modern biotechnology to produce more efficient and more rapid food analysis tests. This in turns offers our customers an improved laboratory workflow and peace of mind. In a broader perspective, Green Coral Tech helps to decrease the risk of food-borne illness.

As a dedicated international specialist in food diagnostics, Green Coal Tech can provide complete systems, including reagents, instruments, support, service and know-how, were we assume full system responsibility. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for effective solutions for your laboratory.

Test kitsfor the detection of Art. No. Determ.
Acetaldehyde E0668613 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
Acetic Acid E0148261 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
Ammonia E1112732 ca. 50 Tests
Cholesterol E0139050 ca. 25 Tests
Citric Acid E0139076 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
D-/L-Lactic Acid E1112821 ca. 25 Tests each
D-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid E0907979 ca. 35 Tests
D-Gluconic Acid/ D-Glucono-d-lactone E0428191 ca. 25 Tests
D-Glucose E0716251 ca. 3 x 40 Tests
D-Glucose/D-Fructose E0139106 ca. 25 Tests each
D-Isocitric Acid E0414433 ca. 30 Tests
D-Malic Acid E0215558 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
D-Sorbitol/Xylitol E0670057 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
Ethanol E0176290 ca. 30 Tests
Formic Acid E0979732 ca. 20 Tests
Glycerol E0148270 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
L-Malic Acid E0139068 ca. 25 Tests
Lactose/D-Galactose E0176303 ca. 30 Tests
Lactose/D-Glucose E0986119 ca. 30 Tests each
L-Ascorbic Acid E0409677 ca. 20 Tests
L-Glutamic Acid E0139092 ca. 35 Tests
L-Lactic Acid E0139084 ca. 25 Tests
Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose E1113950 ca. 12 Tests each
Nitrate E0905658 ca. 3 x 10 Tests
Perid-Test E0123226 50 Test strips
Raffinose E0428167 ca. 30 Tests
Starch E0207748 ca. 25 Tests
Succinic Acid E0176281 ca. 10 Tests
Sucrose/D-Glucose E0139041 ca. 40 Tests
Sucrose/D-Glucose/D-Fructose E0716260 ca. 20 Tests each
Sulfite E0725854 ca. 30 Tests
Urea/Ammonia E0542946 ca. 25 Tests each
Plastic Spatula E0019623 500 pcs.

  • Aflatoxin - (i) M1, (ii) B1, (iii) Fast Aflatoxin
  • Ochratoxin
  • T-2 Toxin
  • DON
  • Fumonisin
  • Zearalenon
  • Citrinin
RIDASCREEN@ Hormones & Anabolics
  • Clenbuterol
  • Acetylgestagene
  • Testosteron
RIDASCREEN@ Antibotics
  • Chloramphenicol
  • CAP-Glucuronid
  • Sulfamethazin
  • Streptomycin
  • Tetracylin
  • Nitrofuran (AOZ) (NEW!)
RIDASCREEN@ Seaweed Toxins
  • Saxitoxin
  • DSP

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
For the detection of Genetically Modified Food Art. No. Determ.
PREP Plant DNA-Extraction of Food on vegetable basis S1002 50 Prep.
RoundUp Ready Soya S2001 24 x 8 React.
BT1 76 Corn S2002 24 x 8 React.
Bt1 1 Corn S2003 24 x 8 React.
T25 Corn S2004 24 x 8 React.
Liberty Link Canola S2005 24 x 8 React.
35S Promoter (Screening) S2006 24 x 8 React.
NOS Terminator (Screening) S2007 24 x 8 React
Screening 35S + NOS S2008 24 x 8 React
SureFood real-time PCR
For the qualitative detection of genetically modified food Art. No. Determ.
RoundUp Ready Soya 52009 50
Btl 76 Corn S2010 50
Btl I Corn S2011 50
T25 Corn S2012 50
LibertyLink Canola S2013 50

For the quantitative detection of genetically modified food Art. No. Determ.
RoundUp Ready Soya S2014 50
Btl 76 Corn S2015 50
Btl I Corn S2016 50
T25 Corn S2017 50
LibertyLink Canola 52018 50

Risk Material / Species Identification
RIDASCREEN Risk Material
Enzyme Immunoassays for the detection of
  Art. No. Determ.
Risk Material R 6701 96
Assay control
pure pork
R 6705 120 g
Assay control
0.2% bovine CN5 in pork
R 6706 120 g
Assay control
1% bovine CNS in pork
R 6707 120 g
Assay control
2% bovine CNS in pork
R 6708 120 g
Assay control
0.1% bovine spinal cord in pork
R 6709 120 g
Set of 5 Assay controls R 6710 5 x 120 g
Risk Material 10/5 R 6703 96
Sampling Tools
(disposable pipettes, plastic tubes, swabs)
Z 0010 100
For the detection animal species
Art. No. Determ.
PREP Animal
DNA-Extraction for food on anmial basis
S1003 100 Prep.
PREP Animal X
DNA-Extraction of highly processed food on animal basis
S1004 100 Prep.
Amplification and detection of one species
S 1005-* 24 x 8 React.
Additional species*
cattle *_01
pork *-02
sheep *-03
goat *-04
chicken *-05
goose *-06
turkey *-07
Cairina species
Anas species

deer *-10
fallow deer *_11
roe-deer *-12
hare *-13
rabbit *-14
Detection module species combination*
cattle, pork, goat *-21
chicken, goose, turkey,duck
(Cairina species and Anas species)
cattle, pork, chicken, turkey *-23
cattle, pork *-24
chicken, turkey *-25
chicken, pork *-26

Enzyme Immunoassays for the detection of
  Art. No. Determ.
Sandwich ELISA
R 6101 96
Sandwich ELISA
R 6201 96
El / Egg Protein
Sandwich ELISA
R 6401 96
Competitive ELISA
R 4901 96
Competitive ELISA
R 1602 48

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