AmpliQuant - Spectral photometer
Gnacode - Minicube PCR

AmpliQuant - Spectral photometer

The AQ-07 photometer is the ideal instrument for the rapid and reliable quantification of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, and proteins. Additionally, the AQ-07 is ideal for determining sample purity using the 260/280nm purity method. This handy measuring device with small and compact dimensions will fit easily into today’s crowded lab space.

Gnacode - Minicube PCR


The Minicube PCR allows you to run any number pcr protocols and incubations in parallel. It can be controlled by several tablets at the same time.

The device has very high precision and the well-to-well variation is 10-30 times less compared to the very best machines in the market.

MiniCube PCR thermal specifications
- Number of wells 16
- Heating power pr well 6 W
- Average speed of heating 6°C/sec
- Peek heating speed 12°/sec
- Average speed of cooling 4°C/sec
- Peek cooling speed 8°C/sec
- Ramping uniformity between wells ±0.2 °C/sec
- Steady state uniformity beween cycles ±0.01°C
- Steady state uniformity between wells ±0.02°C
- Temperature accuracy at calibration point ±0.1 °C
- Temperature precision at calibraon point ±0.01°C
- Temperature measurement drift 5 ppm pr year
- Temperature working range 15-100 °C
- Minimum cooling at no activity 4 °C
- Minimum cooling at operation 15 °C
- Heated lid 12 W

- Heated lid temperature range
(in initial software release lid temp is fixed to 100 °C as it gives best performance in PCR)

MiniCube Communication
- WIFI (network and access point mode) 2.4GHz
- Bluetooth Low Energy Yes
- LAN port 100 Mbit
- USB Mini MPZ1, (MPZ0 USB B) port 12 Mbs
- USB stick – data backup Yes
- Internal SD Card for data storage 32 GB
- Antenna range 120 m
- BlueTooth proximity sensing 20m
Electrical Specifications external power supply
- Wall plug voltage 120-240 V
- Output voltage from powersupply 24 V
- Maximum current at 12V output 18 A
- Wall plugs EU/UK/US
Electrical specifications MiniCube PCR
- Maximum power 280 W
- System input voltage 24 V
Physical specifications
- Weight 4.7 kg 10.4 Ibs
- Size Height 14cm 5.5 inches
Width 17cm 6.7 inches
Depth 17cm 6.7 inches
- Operating temp Max 30 °C 86 °F
Min 5°C 41 °F
- Relative Humidity 0-95% RH
- Environment RoHS Compliant
- Manufacturing ISO 9001

MiniCube Platform and MiniCube PCR


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